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pik monkey 5On Lily from top to bottom: Carven shirt, H and M pants, J crew socks, vintage Prada shoes.pic mnkey 2On Timmy from Top to bottom: French connection jacket, H and M shirt, Free people pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

pik monkey 4pic monkey 1

I’m creating a new word: Fibster

I felt pretty damn rad walking down Houston Street with a Herschel on my back, a matcha kale smoothie in one hand, and a bag from a used record store in the other. I thought to myself, “Would society categorize me as a hipster or as that girl who goes out of her way just to have a good instagram feed?” Well I could just spill the beans now; I do in fact go to parks just to get artsy pictures and look “cool” in the standards of teens these days. It has probably crossed your mind once or twice whether or not it would be socially acceptable for you to post that ‘white blanket with like five artsy objects on it with some leg showing’ picture captioned, “Mondays”(featured below). But have you ever really thought about what a true hipster is? Hipster can be defined as members of the subculture who do not self-identify as hipsters. So basically in simple terms, if you’re reading this blog and understand/can relate to anything I mentioned in the beginning, you are not, and will never be a hipster. Considering a true hipster is one who does not know he/she is a hipster. For example: Those who wear glasses because they cannot see without them, or those who wear flannel shirts for warmth. There is a fine line between people who know the health benefits of chia seeds and those who buy acai chia bowls from Juice Generation. There’s no real reason for this post, but I kind of just wanted to have an excuse to take one of these marvelous sunny pictures. Keep doing what you all are doing. And while you’re at it, why dont ya’ll think of a new word to categorize yourself. How bout …like, fibster.






LOBing Life

While everyone is busy making their New Year’s resolutions, like becoming a better person,who’s caring, sensitive, and helpful to those around them, I am busy contemplating if this is the year to finally get the lob. Okay, so I didn’t call it the lob, I didn’t know that this specific cut of hair (the Alexa Chung kind of cut) was referred to as the lob but for the sake of me seeming like I acquire more knowledge than the average person, I’m gonna continue to pretend that I called it a lob. When the clock struck 12 I made up my mind that this was the year for the lob. I am a relatively impulsive person and by relatively I mean extremely. The word contemplate is not in my vocabulary. The reason why I had such a hard time deciding if I would take the leap and go for the lob is because I had long history of bad haircuts dating back to 8th grade, specifically the day of year book pictures. My mom had work that morning, so I went with my dear friend Nicole and her mother. What my mother thought would be a simple blowout for year book pictures turned into a nice thick pair of bangs that parted in the middle of my head creating what my hair stylist called a cow lick. I had never heard this term before but damn did it look like a cow licked my head. In 9th grade I decided to get a bit edgy and went for the Victoria Beckham cut. (short in the back long in the front. Think opposite of a mermaid skirt, if thats too complicated to picture in your head, think, short in the back and long in the front). I thought to myself, “Maybe if I get the same haircut as her I’ll develop the same body as her!” Obviously, I was wrong. If one single person can look the definition of awkward, it was surely me; the September of my first year of high school. After the Victoria mishap I decided that it would be best for everyone if I put an end to the risky cuts. So I bade farewell and when the end of 10th grade finally came so did my long brown locks. I settled with the shapeless brown strands for a whole year while secretly longing so desperately for the lob. By the beginning of this past summer I was at my final straw, itching for something new. Of course, I acknowledged that going through another awkward stage was just not an option. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the bland brown without cutting it off, I poured a bottle of John Frieda “Go Blonde” spray on my head, and baked in the sun for an hour. After looking in the mirror and seeing my blond streaks, I was dumbstruck (pun intended: because blondes are dumb) (kidding. (sorta.)). It looked like I had given myself highlights! (granted, I had given myself highlights, I just expected it to look more….professional). The only pro to this situation was that I could lie and say that it was natural from the sun since after all, it was the summer. No one believed me but it’s the attempt that counts. I was so unhappy with the bad blond job that on the eve of  New Year’s I decided, “You know what, it CANNOT get worse than this.” Thus deciding to “Just chop it”. This was exactly what I told my hair stylist right before my bushy brown main cascaded to the ground. I now have something to do in math class, admiring my bold hair cut in my photo booth application on my mac. (great time waster).  The lob is not only stylish but it is slimming; because of my 6 inch chop, I lost a whole pound! My neck even gets a lovely breeze. I also got fake glasses which I told everyone are real so that I look like a book worm. I love the new look, it’s edgy yet sophisticated, and I somehow look old and young at the same time. (Yes, I am aware that everything I am saying is completely contradictory but it is true).  My only regret is not going for the lob sooner. Here are some  before and after pictures of me I took in class so you can get a visual. (I got fancy with the lob and took the pictures of me solo in  sephia effect cause who doesn’t look better with that effect).



Photo 793


xxx lily paige

Edited by Davida Goldstein

NYFW Day One




From top to bottom: Zadig and Voltaire loafers, Happy socks, jbrand cords, Sandro button down, Scotch and Soda blazer, All Saints jacket, Cos necklace, vintage Cartier bracelet, Alex and Ani bracelets, Hermes bracelet

DSC_0116 2

From bottom to top: Doc Marten boots, Wolford tights, Valentino skirt, Vince sweater, French connection coat, vintage gold and silver necklace




How to de tackify Forever 21

IMG_1706  On Simmi from top to bottom: Forever 21 Dress, American Apparel socks, Superga sneakersIMG_1741On Jade from bottom to top: Doc Martin boots, Forever 21 dress, Random boutique in Paris  necklace, Jcrew necklaceIMG_1710IMG_1725








Just two best friends vintage shopping downtown


DSC_0839 From bottom to top: striped Supergas, Jcrew socks, Paige denim, vintage Prada clutch, vitage Burberry button down, Jcrew sweater, Gap blazer.


From top to bottom: Urban outfitters beanie, Jcrew striped turtleneck, Kenzo Paris oversized knit (cross between a shirt and a dress… I wear it as a dress and must constantly pull on it), vintage Prada clutch, Hue white tights, Stan Smith Adidas




-Lily and Timmy

How to look cool without looking like you tried but secretly you did.

I’m a big believer in the button downs under sweaters over pleated skirts and straightened hair look but I can’t deny that I don’t try the “I just woke up in the morning I’m wearing a big coat/cardigan, plaid pajama pants, and messy hair look.” Of course there’s a time and place where that look is appropriate and the infrequency of it makes it desirable to me. I’ve been trying to master it since I got my license last year but my hair hadn’t quite poofed in the way I’d like it to and my refusing to spend more than $10 on pajama pants made my selection a little weak. It was only 2 short weeks ago that I finally got the “I just woke up in the morning I’m gonna run to Starbucks and pick up coffee for my family in pajamas cause I can” look down. It was a Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I was sitting downstairs in my pajamas, which consisted of a ripped concert tee and old navy sweatpants (Not the brand old navy, literally old and navy.) (Not that it matters just thought I’d clarify.) Anyway, my hair was the messiness that I strived for and I was taking advantage of my good fortune, making kissy faces at my phone for Snapchat. As I was about to strike my 5th million pose I hear my mom say, “I could really go for some coffee.” I shot out of my seat at the kitchen counter and practically hollered “I’LL GET YOU” and that’s when my bed head, boho chic look was perfected. I started from the top borrowing my sisters red RayBan reading glasses. (I did have a difficult time seeing but it was worth it.) I kept on the bright colored concert tee and added a thick, fluffy cardigan, flannel plaid pajama pants that I got from attending a school function bagged over my legs (they just looked plaid because my cardigan covered where it said the name of my school), and to top it off I put on what Timmy thinks should be banned from all teenage girls closets and insists is a curse word… UGGS. I hate to say it but it completed the look. Walking into Starbucks I felt like the man. I got stop and stares and I didn’t mind graciously posing for them. Ok, so that didn’t happen but the point is that it could have. The walk from the cashier to the drink pick up was my runway. So I guess you can laugh at the fact that I changed out of my pajamas to get into new pajamas to look cool when I went to Starbucks, but it was absolutely fundamental for me to accomplish this virtue I had and I am so happy that I did.

-Lily Paige

The “U” word


ugg editedj

We all have them, we all spent over 150 dollars for them, and whether or not we are ashamed of it, its been done. The awful yet amazing thing i’m talking about is, yep. Uggs. The classic, probably most ugly boot ever created for mankind.

In the store, while touching this amazing sensation of fresh sheep fur, you think to yourself, its obviously the most comfortable thing ever, they go with everything, everyone has them, I must have them right now. This is where you’re wrong. We must put an end to this huge fluffy UGGly (pun intended) shoe. now you’re gonna ask yourself, who the hell does this girl think she is? and ya, I would also.

There are the girls that will throw on a sweatshirt with leggings and uggs, and at least these girls are understanding how little uggs can contribute to your outfit , but who gives, I have a huge chunk of fresh fur on my legs kind of girls. Then there are girls who will wear them with a knit sweater and skinny jeans, and honestly, at this point it would have been better to put on Minnetonka lace up boots to the knee, which aren’t even being made anymore. The worst, and yes it does get worse than this, is the why don’t we just cut off Half of the leg, charge the same amount as the tall, and try to slowly adhere to the style these days; The Ugg bootie. Yep, Ugg went ahead and attempted to get a little spunky with this bootie! We’ve all fell into this Ugg trap, but you know its too much when Ugg is trying to copy desert boots mixed with fat sheep slippers. Even better, It’s apparently really cool these days to pair the Ugg booties with chunky sox. RAD!

You know what, its really okay, not gonna lie, it happened to me also, I was that girl on the line in nordstroms buying the chestnut tall uggs also. I almost got pulled into the crushed velvet navy booties too. It happens to everyone. Now is when you should realize you have so much more potential than just wearing these boots, because you’re rich friend’s mom buys her a new pair every year, and you want to be like her. Its time to switch over, and start a new trend. I heard docs might be replacing this sheep phenomenon! Jk. I dont think anything has the ability to replace this awful trend that never ends, but I do know one thing, The sheep will thank you! that wasnt funny.