Wednesdays Wantings- Everything I need- but most likely will never have.

Both of these Stella McCartney platforms have been in my shopping cart for months. I mean imagine these on your feet . BAM legit you could be wearing a towel and these will take over and glow.  The sleek matt yet shining glow these shoes have is incredible. They are proper yet edgy and I need them. I wont even begin on the amazing knit pants. Wow, just wow. The art of yarn. Just makes me want to cry of contentness.

Stella Mccartney shoes fall 2014

This Maje kimono type cape jacket thing is so necessary in my life right now. Some things have it and some things don’t. Not sure what “it” is- But this forsure has it.SS15_lookbook_grandeimage_d03 Leandra Medine- Hand over the pants, I repeat: Hand over the frikin pants.0405908000_1_1_6_web

Honestly I dont love these Stans at all, and im really just waiting for them to come out with platform velcro ones(all hail)(yes I know that would be awesome). But the reason I am including these on my list of things I want is because this is a darn good picture. Especially the way the light is hitting them. 35773795_041_h

Yes, yes, I know you all are thinking this skirt is hideous and why would i want to be wearing it. Well people, welcome to the world , were hideous is the new glamorous. Just imagine this skirt with a fresh pair of Stans on.yep. Thats exactly how I felt as well. Thats what im talking about. H and M is really killing the game right now with this jean maxi. Keep doing what your doing. hmprod-1

So these are so not what I would usually like, but they stood out to me for some reason while scrolling through the web.I wouldn’t mind having them in my closet is what ill leave you children with.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 7.45.24 PM


I WANT IT. Yes it may be a month or two old off the sparkling racks of H and M, but this fine yarn sweater looks as if it smells like cinnamon- That probably doesn’t make sense to most of you, but imagine having a sweater that smelled like fresh cinnamon- YASS. hmprod Zara- you’re spot on with this dress. 1506009000_1_1_1_web

Current State (pun intended) (you’ll understand when you read the article) of mind

As some of you know it is common in the Jewish, Modern Orthodox world to take a gap year after high school and study in Israel. (think, junior year abroad). I will be following the heard, aka 90% of my graduating class next year  to Israel. We will all be attending different schools to fit our many different needs. Theres the “intellectual” schools, the “sketchy” schools, the “feminist” schools, the “strict” schools,  the list goes on and on. This is supposed to be the best year of our life where we grow in our love and passion for Judaism. How do we do that? By sitting and learning all things relating to Judaism for an average of 10 hours a day. You probably think I’m making this number up, I do have a tendency to make numbers up when I want to exaggerate a point but this time I’m really not. So yes, 10 hours a day. When I heard this number my jaw dropped, how do people do it? I can barely stay attentive through one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After much deliberation I decided on a school where you get to make your own personal schedule and pick the classes that interest you. After sending in my first deposit it occurred to me that aside from my 1 hour visit to the school I knew virtually nothing about it. I decided to google the school later that night and was shocked to find how strict the dress code was. Cover knees, cover elbows, cover collar bone.  I had two options: 1. To complain. (which, By the way, no one wants to listen to) or, 2. Challenge accepted.

I went with option number 2.

how would I accept this challenge exactly?

by making modest fashion statements.

I have been prepping for next year for about 4 months now; buying loads of midi skirts, button downs, and turtle necked sweaters. For anyone that read the Clique series by Lisi Harrison (It was my favorite series in 6th grade) I’m going to make a mini current state of the union like the main character Massie Block did at the end of every chapter she narrated.

I’m not technologically savvy so I can’t make the whole chart thing but…

IN: Midi Skirts

OUT: Skinny Jeans

I got some models (they all happen to be going to the same seminary as me) (Ok, so I did that on purpose…) to try on a few of the many looks I have been putting together for next year.

Check out the pics ∨∨∨

IMG_3383 (1)

K so obviously I won’t be wearing the heels but I felt for the shoot I had to embellish the look somehow


genuine laughter


I don’t know why but i really like this picture

(From top to bottom)

Rebecca is wearing  Joe Fresh gray sweater (Got it on this crazy sale for $6), Zara furry gray midi skirt, And Doc Martens. Tamar is wearing Jcrew cream 3 quarter sleeve Sweater, Jcrew (Factory) purple and white gingham shirt, Zara plaid midi skirt, Zara maroon cutout heels. Dena is wearing  forever 21 flower headband, Marc by Marc Jacobs Scifi shirt, Uniqlo gray and white striped button down, Love Culture tube top dress turned midi skirt, and Star Wars Vans. (side note: I w0re the Scifi shirt and vans on may 4th (May the forth (force) be with you) (thought that was cute of me). Leora is wearing forever 21 knot headband, Jcrew scarf, Gap blue half way button down (don’t know the exact name for that kinda shirt) Forever 21 floral midi skirt, and Clark booties.

I came to the conclusion that one is able to dress modestly/ appropriately/ Amishly (however you would describe this dress code) and still stand out by making a fashion statement.


Lily Paige

Met Gala 2015- thoughts on dresses and Rihannas cape, or shall I say fluffy blanket.

Side note:I feel like I owe it to Solange to make her the cover picture of this post, considering she couldn’t put her arms down for the whole night. PROPS SOLANGE!

These are the dresses that caught my eye while going through vogues best dressed list to the 2015 Met gala. Honestly, there wasn’t one dress that had that like “ohmygod thats frikin incredibly stunning” look- not even badgalRiris(Rihannas) Guo Pei Cape did it for me. Not like im somebody these people need to impress(pun intended because I am a somebody)(actually i don’t think that was a pun),but like COHHMON RIRI!!


Rihanna in Guo Pei

so here are the pics of the people that Through the small details of each dress had an impact on my eye which sent a message to my brain to post it here. Can I get a YASSSSSSS (lily that one was for you)


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.20.13 AM

Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga


Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.18.39 AM

Jessica Hart in Valentino


Solange Knowles in Giles dress



Today was my last day of high school. MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. I have been looking forward to this day since the first week of 9th grade.  Its such a weird feeling though, your last day of high school, because as happy as you are that its over you can’t possibly imagine not coming back. I’m not one of those kids that says “High school is my home” or “I love this place” because, well, that would be a lie. But, I do feel that some sense of comfort has been pulled out from right under me. My daily routine has been taken away and I am now being forced to begin a new chapter of my life. That being said, I am excited to move on from high school; There is so much to look forward to and all of those things finally feel in arms reach.

Like most schools, seniors are required to do an internship for the month of may. I don’t exactly know how we pulled this one off but me and Timmy (or is it Timmy and I?) are doing thesomebodies as our internship! We will be posting a ton and have great ideas and blog posts that we cannot wait to share. GET EXCITED.

I did not have a good sleep last night. I was tossing and turning and at somewhere around 3 am I woke up in a cold sweat. Why? because I didn’t have my outfit planned for today. Laugh it up but I actually got anxiety from not knowing what to wear. This morning I woke up at 7 am to plan out my outfit for school (which starts at 8). After emptying out the entire contents of my closet on the floor and trying on countless different tops with the same skirt, I still had no idea what to wear.

For some reason I was stuck on wearing this extremely awkward but not awkward in a cool way awkward in an awkward way jean skirt that hard buttons going down like a military jacket. (you know what I mean) the buttons were a plastic navy blue. Remember that store limited 2? well it was from there ,so I dubbed it as vintage. I don’t know why I wanted to wear it so badly but I’m just gonna blame it on my lack of sleep. Anyways, After finally calling it quits with the jean skirt I threw on this comic strip skirt that I got at some cheap boutique downtown. (it was 4$). Then I went to the basement (where I keep my summer things) and for some reason decided to rummage through what used to be mine but has been passed down to both my sister who both have outgrown dress up but for some reason we still have this box of dress up clothing sitting there. I found a sheer pleated tutu skirt that I never knew we owned but was thrilled we did and put it on top of my comic strip skirt. Then I put the tank top with a tutu at the bottom of it that I got in paris on. Last but not least was a shirt. My sister’s friend left a black chiffon shirt from Zara at our house that I was convinced she forgot about, so I put that on. (she didn’t forget about it, after watching my snap chat story she texted me asking for it back). LOL. Then I put on white tights and my black boots which I wore the first day of senior year (I wanted to add some sentimental value to my outfit), and vwala. (how do you spell vwala?) I was pretty happy with my outfit. It conquered the goal of making a statement. I did get a bunch of stares in the hallways, at first I thought it was because it looked like I put on about 10 pounds (all the poof) but then I realized it was because I just looked crazy. My outfit was memorable,  and thats all I really cared about.




last day of school. blog

These pictures were taken in the Maayanot parking lot by our editor, Davida Goldstein. It was right after school ended. You know the term jumping for joy? I was actually jumping for joy.

xxx Lily Paige



HI EVERYONE!!!! Today was my 2nd to last day of high school!!!!!!!!! If you can’t tell from my many exclamation points this is super super super exciting. Really I’m just overjoyed. High school has never been “my thing” I find it only appeals to a certain kind of kid, one thats incredibly studious, this includes: studying long late hours for tests, being quiet AND taking notes during class, pretending to enjoy the material you are learning, and kissing up to your teachers. When people say they love a subject,do they really?  I don’t think anyone actually believes that math is fun, but whatever makes the kid get through the class, so be it. Sorry if any math geeks out there are “offended” (yeah right, I know you hate math too.). Funny side story that I just feel is so applicable I can’t help but share it… When I was in 4th grade my friend was creating an aim for me (I know gmails the new cool thing but back in the day aim was the shit). When deciding what my username should be she asked me what I liked to do for fun… She told me she loved to read, I felt like I had to one up her in some way so I told her I loved to do math problems in my spare time. HA! She made my aim account (you can shoot me an email… I still use it.)

Back to the school topic…I have been seriously contemplating what to wear on my last official day at Maayanot Yeshiva High School but am completely stumped. I want my outfit to be the last thing people remember about me and when they think of me they think back to my last day of school outfit and sigh, “ahhh lily” in this longing kind of way like damn I wish I dressed like her. Obviously no ones gonna think that but in my head thats the kind of bam outfit I want. Kind of like a last hurrah. I am the most last second person around. The word plan is in neither mine nor Timmy’s vocabulary. We simply do. There is one thing that I plan year after year months in advance, my first day of school outfit. Why I am having such a difficult time; I don’t know, but in an attempt to gather some inspiration I have been going online and looking at different modest cool,funky, out of the box, outfits and have found some pictures I absolutely love.

here they areeeeeeeeeee


Love the Brooch, Peter Pan collar, and worn out New Balance sneakers



Inspired me to pull on a pair of tights and sandals.


stripes on stripes


jean on jean

that is all… GOOD NIGHT <3

xxx Lily Paige Sausen

…..and This little Pinky ran all the way to Williams Island


These Photos were taken on Williams Island, in Miami, Florida.

You know how Teen Vogue has that page in each issue that says: “People watching”, Well ladies and gentleman, you should all be watching Loni Donner. Look at these Photos and you’ll know why.

Loni’s outfit from top to bottom: Sunglasses that my friend Kyra gave me, I think they are from Urban Outfitters but I could be wrong. A gingham button down from J-crew. A “belt” (I say belt because I’m not exactly sure what it is) from Anthropologie. Corduroy shorts from Forever 21. Pink Sneakers from random store in paris, Brand: Bensimon.

Yes, it is purposefully blurry.

The back of yo head is ridiculoussss


“If your a bird, I’m a bird.” (name that movie)


Bae lying next to Bay


Fun was over when she fell over the edge.

Matching with your friend is the shlit

On Simmi from bottom to top: Converse all stars, Uniqlo pants, Zara shirt, and cos necklace On Davida from bottom to top:Bensimon sneakers, Jcrew socks, Uniqlo pants, uniqlo shirt, and a COS necklace.

DSC_0657DSC_0661 DSC_0691DSC_0667 On Simmi from bottom to top: Converse all stars, Gap jeans, Jcrew button down, Tractor jacket. On Davida from bottom to top: Converse all stars, Abercrombie overalls, H and M button down, Theory jacket.



Coming at 11pm tonight!

If you are coming to check out the pictures…. Thanks! We appreciate your view but unfortunately the pictures won’t be posted until 11pm tonight. Here’s why: due to my innability to edit photos (I’m editing impaired) i leave them in the capable hands of timmy who really has had them the whole time because we usually take pictures on her camera… Anyway….as most of you probably know Timmy is a flutest, (a child prodigy) and has practice tonight until 10 pm, giving her zero time to edit the pictures by 6… So come check em out tonight at 11! Be there or be squared.

The saxophone ended up falling in the river. #wwdftb (what we do for the blog)


On Timmy from top to bottom: HandM sweater, Zara striped shirt, HandM skirt, Urban Outfitters thigh highs, Zara loafers.lil-1

On lily from top to bottom: XSRE hat, J crew shirt, Neck tie off of an Anthropologie shirt, Skirt from the Skydell’s closet, Urban Outfitters pants, Ugg Australia booties.



lily3  tamara-4

For the record: (pun intended) these record albums went platinum

My obsession with dressing as if at any particular moment I would be photographed for the cover of record album began the second day of fashion week when I accidentally dressed like a country singer gone hippy.

Country Strong

Ill admit, this outfit was not well thought out. Short on time, I threw on everything but the kitchen sink (yes, I really wanted to say everything but the kitchen sink) (I learned this phrase my first year at sleep away camp when they took us to the local ice cream shoppe, Hoppies, and one of the sundays was called everything but the kitchen sink). (It was rumored that they served this 24 scoop sunday in their kitchen sink). Anyway… after a picture of me in my everything but the kitchen sink outfit was taken, I uploaded it to instagram. I normally don’t put an effect on my pictures, (Timmy always yells at me), but for some reason my finger was hovering over the nashville effect and without thinking I clicked on it. BAM! COUNTRY ALBUM STAR LILY PAIGE SAUSEN RELEASES HER 5TH ALBUM, THIS IS THE COVER OF IT. I captioned the picture with a threat to T-swift, and went on with my day.

For that following week, I pounded the country look in the hopes that someone, anyone, would stop me on the street and ask me to be the next cover of the county album that they were producing.

Repping Thesomebodies T-shirt (created by yours truly) while looking like the next disney channel star gone “wild”.

^When I thought I would be the next big thing^

After realizing that this little pipe dream of mine was beyond absurd, I decided to take control of the situation by photographing things I deemed worthy of being the cover of an album.

Of course there has been inspiration along the way, my incredibly artsy friends created an album cover of their own this past summer.

If you didn’t know any better you would think they were the next Mumford and Sons. (How cool are they??)


Here are some of album covers I ripped off then made better …



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