Pretty In Pink

Loungin around

We asked Caffit (a restaurant in the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem) if we can use their restaurant as a background for our gorgeous models. We promised them publicity. So bare with me as I advertise for them: THE BEST SOUP IN ALL OF JERUSALEM!! Come and get it.

Lutenent rawkale and carshnew

I saw a women with a pink umbrella walking by and asked her if we could use it for a picture. She said no.

Applying to be a guard in front of Buckingham Palace, this is their resume picture.

Kicking back

Pink pride

Stairway to heaven


This post is dedicated to a friend, a mentor, and someone who rocked the world, Ruchie Shoretz. Raquel and Carly are dressed in pink in honor of pink day a day that raises Breast cancer awareness and awareness for all the goodness that Sharsheret does.

In this story Carly Schreiber (Blond hair) is wearing from top to bottom: Forever 21 flower headband, pins and needles heart printed button down, Jcrew hot pink sweater, Jcrew rope belt, white crocheted BCBG skirt, light pink tulle Holister skirt, light pink salmon Zara skirt, argyle socks, and light pink suade Vans.

Raquel Zimmerman is wearing from top to bottom: ables and heimans (courtesy of Rachel Markowitz) hat, Rebecca Taylor floral top, Jcrew hot pink sweater, Jcrew cashmere cardigan, Jcrew Rope belt, Rebecca Minkoff knit skirt, American Apparell socks, Maroon Doc Martens.

Makeup done by the supremely tallented Perri Monheit and hair done by the incredibly gifted Shira Leifer.

Special thanks to those who contributed clothing to the shoot: Rachel Markowitz, Sophia Srulowitz, Rikki Zahn, Eliana Halley, and Daniella Veres.

Enjoy the pix!!!

xxx, lps



New Look Old City

HELLOOOOO!!!!! Its been a while. Missed y’all, but were back and better than ever!!! Coming to your neighborhood twice a week now…. you heard it right… get ready… twice a week there will be a new post on!!! Can I get a YASSSSWOOOOOO! Unfortunately our schools do not provide us with wifi and with the high prices on data, well what can we say… Obviously we would rather be spending our dollars on fresh clothing off the rack (sounds like a fresh meat sandwich, but fellas, its not!) As I sit here in the sparkling Old City of Jerusalem I’m trying to think of what to start with- well the first thing that comes to mind is ZARA’S SALE. Yes children, you read me right, Zara’s annual sale! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, boy do those racks clear off- like the end of a yogurt (you know what I mean, the last bits that you gotta scrape out but ooh still so good). Well to be honest the sale was really nothing special.  Zara is a little behind, the excessive corduroy and patches is a little, let me put this nicely: last year. But I don’t want  to bash on Zara because almost everything in this shoot is from there but I think the most recent line needs a game booster.

This series is what I like to call a ‘One Word Shoot’. Each shoot can be described in a single word,  this one being “quaint”. This shoot emanates a cinnamon-stick-in-a-crisp-winter smell. Okay obviously pictures don’t have a smell but don’t deny that you don’t smell nutmeg spice tea on a oak wood table surrounded by a brisk autumn. Well, hope you enjoy this crisp shoot with our fabulous models!

DSC_0012 DSC_0033 DSC_0052 DSC_0357 DSC_0349 DSC_0306 DSC_0262 DSC_0226 DSC_0175 DSC_0154 DSC_0019 DSC_0293 DSC_0168 DSC_0151 DSC_0139

On Davida from top to bottom: Zara Blouse, Jcrew long sleeve sweater, Zara corduroy skirt, HandM tights, Topshop Leather booties. On Ayelet from top to bottom: Uniqlo Gingham button down, Zara black turtle neck, Banana Republic skirt, Hue tights,  Jcrew knit socks, Doc Martin patent leather grey boots




May the holy force be with you (this post was inspired by the new star wars movie or maybe it was star wars day…? we have no idea we just saw the facebook posts)

In honor of star wars day we decided to put our models hairs in princess lea buns. No, I do not know how to spell her name, or who she even is. I simply saw a post of her on facebook and was inspired. You guys are all probably thinking, THESE GIRLS LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!!! THEY MUST BE TWINS!!! well, I have news for you lady’s, and well lady’s because do any guys even read this blog? their not twins!  (wear trying to download a softwear (I know I spelled softwear wrong, just trying to be cute and make a play on words 😉 wear we can see the gender of who views our blog (another play on words ;)) (creepy winky smiley faces cause I damn feel like it (does damn even make sense in this sentence? We are highly positive it is 100% females… but thank you all so much for checking up on us even when we haven’t been posting!! You all are incredible, we are back and betta then eva so stay tuned. For now, enjoy these UH-MA-ZANG photos by Timmy. I feel like I’m in a different millenium not just a different country). These pictures were taken right outside of Timmys school. How amazing that this is the scenery she walks outside to every day. Its breathtaking to those who are seeing the old city in Jerusalem for the first time. Even those who travel there a couple of times a week like me cant help but stop and stare at its raw, cultural, genuine beauty. Our models are our dear friends Davida Goldstein, a recurring model on the blog and the brains behind last year’s fashion show, and Ayelet schorr a new comer who was an incredible model and oddly resembles my sister more then I do.

– LP

DSC_0610DSC_0667DSC_0641 DSC_0632 DSC_0706 DSC_0661 DSC_0780 DSC_0613 DSC_0790On Davida from bottom to top: Zara black loafers , Lord and Taylor menswear sock, Lily’s Once maxi dress now doodie length due to the amount of times washed dress from Gap,  Uniqlo gingham button down, Jcrew gray sweater, Banana Republic cream short sleeved sweater. On Ayelet from bottom to top: Sam Edelman lace up sandals, Splendid white flowy skirt, White dress from Urban Outfitters, H&M gray sweater, Uniqlo Gingham button down.

Shak this Shuka

From left to right:
On Julia:  Jcrew button down, Zara striped tee, Asos midi, Chuck taylor high tops.
On Sophia: Zara button down, Lilly Pulitzer sweater, All Saints midi, Superga sneaker.
On Carly: Uniqlo button down, Gap sweater,Scotch and Soda jacket, Club Monaco scarf, Zara skirt, Steve Madden espradilles.
On Klara: Spledid dress, Free people skirt, Wildfox sweatshirt, Soludo espradilles
On Gabby: J crew button down, H and M sweater, J crew vest, Jcrew skirt, Rebecca Minkoff shoes
On Jessie: J crew button down, Zara shirt, Zara skirt, Soludo espradilles
On Rachel: Madewell button down, Marc by Marc Jacobs Tee, Sandro jacket, Zara skirt
DSC_0252DSC_0153DSC_0133DSC_0173DSC_0256 1DSC_0146 DSC_0131 DSC_0085 DSC_0081 DSC_0063 DSC_0061 DSC_0001 DSC_0312 DSC_0447 IMG_3690 IMG_0039 IMG_0010 IMG_3629 DSC_0058 DSC_0032 DSC_0019

THE SEM LYFEEEE (life with a Y)

Seminary is everything I expected it to be yet somehow still a complete shock to my system. Its weird going to a different country, even if it is considered your homeland, when your just 18 years of age. On the flip side, I’ve been in a certain enviornment for 18 years and now, suddenly, after 18 years of being in the same place with the same people, I’m in a totally different place with totally different people. Its been one day of actual classes but I already feel like I’ve gained more knowledge in my one day of classes then I have in one year of high school. Cool or sad?

If your into becoming one with the environment by having little to no cell phone service, or, living in cramped quarters with absolutely zero personal space, or, eating grilled cheese and grilled cheese only for 1 month then look no further, I have the perfect camp for YOU. I do not enjoy any of these three things, yet, each summer, I come back for more. I like to think of Camp Mesorah as a bad ex boyfriend, no matter how much you hate him, he lures you back in. After the next break up (end of the summer) you promise yourself you won’t go back to him (The camp) but when he comes back begging you to reconsider (apply to work there (around November time.)) You wonder if this time it’s going to be different. I have had an on and off relationship with Camp Mesorah for 10 summers now. I promised myself this was my last summer of being part of the Camp Mesorah “family”. The day I arrived home from camp I began to “prep” for seminary; I put prep in quotations because does it really take you an entire month to prep? speaking from experience, it didn’t, but, it was a great excuse to not attend camp for a second month without sounding lazy. Prepping for seminary entails: Buying bedding and toiletries, printing out pictures for your wall, packing unpacking then re-packing into 2 bags, weighing your bags to make sure they do not exceed the weight limit (50 lbs), getting a haircut, and of course, shopping.

As I’m sure you all could have guessed I LOVE shopping. When my mom suggested we head out to the Oz of all Oz’s, Woodbury Commons, I was ecstatic. (I’m usually the one suggesting the shopping exhibitions.) I think this was the first time in my life that I actually wanted the shopping trip to end. Anything I found somehow did not fit Midreshet Moriah’s dress code, and anything my mom found was homely, plain, and/or ordinary. I left Woodbury Commons with one bag from Loft. Yes, LOFT. I never felt more basic in my life (2 weeks later I bought a Herschel backpack and not even that topped the basic feeling i felt after existing Loft.)

I sat in the car, slumped against the window, (If you can picture the scene please insert the saddest Kelly Clarkson song you can think of.) and started to wonder if dressing modestly while also looking stylish is practical, achievable but more importantly, attainable. (No, I’m not talking about a look from the Rodarte or Prada runway, I mean an every day (think: street style) look.) This became the real prep for my trip to Israel. I began to disect each style icon of mine, (Tavi Gevinson, Leandra Medine, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen, Elle Fanning, and Alexa Chung) searching for modest inspiration.


I find that button downs are the best for my needs. It is SUPER HOT in Israel right now and button downs can be light weight and you still look dressed for the day.
Jean maxi is a must.

patterned awkward length flowy-ish skirt with sweatshirt is so cool but also gives off that don’t care enough to care vibe. (you all know what I’m talking about.)

I feel like my grandma has this skirt.

Throw on a jean jacket with short sleeve or sleeveless and its suddenly wearable. also docs and high socks

I saw this pic and looked straight at her hair and was like hey!! I have bangs I desperately wanna get rid of this is a great way to hide them! also this outfit is super modest. I can’t decide if I actually like it or it just fits the bill.

elle fanning made three quarter sleeves actually look cool.

Utility jacket with flannel underneath with some sort of dress underneath that is great for the winter

when in doubt throw on something navy or black

after staring at this picture for a while i decided theres really nothing wrong with wearing jeans under an appropriate skirt and i will absolutely be hitting this look up.


so after finding inspiration I got super into the modest look and I am excited to show case it on thesomebodies.

stay tuned.


lily paige

Just wear the damn outfit.

WOW its freaking great to be back. In the past few weeks mine and Lily’s lives have dramatically changed. We both left to work in sleep away camp, Lily as a sports counselor in Mesorah (granted Lily has never played a sport in her life) where one may ask how lily got this job? But with Lily we all know anything can happen…

I began my first day in camp Moshava in a t-shirt and jeans, conforming to those camp societal norms (attempting to look normal and make friends- little did I know that would not end up working). As camp progressed I came to the realization that I was losing a piece of myself trying to fit into the camp normal (aka boring) attire. But honestly who gives a flying squirrel about being normal?(no this is not an inspirational speech)  A week into camp I decided to change things up. I strutted out in a dress, big flannel, chunky squirrel socks (yes actual squirrels on them)  a chocker on my neck, and loaded up on the rings on each hand.  I probably got 57 comments that day on my outfit, 56 of them being, “What are you wearing”, “We’re in camp…” all coupled with some warming side eye. I  just let them pass. As I watched the people commented and staring at my outfit I honestly felt bad for them. Their attire was completely made up of adidas track pants and a t-shirt. I’m not denying that I really thought adidas track pants were the shlit around 2 weeks ago (back in my homeland of Teaneck), but coming to camp made me realize that the new Uggs are Adidas track pants which made me cringe. I could go on and on about Adidas track pants, but I will refrain and hold off for another post.

Back to my outfit. One Monday morning I decided to put on that outfit because I got a bad feeling that my outfit was not an accurate expression of what was feeling. In simpler terms- when my outfit and mood don’t coincide I feel unsettled. My day continued and I kept getting the same questioning comments. One girl suggested I “keep in mind my audience” in choosing my outfits for the day. Little did she know the effect of her comment (well not actually because I don’t really care what she thinks) but her comment got me thinking. I have always dressed for myself not an audience but who do people really dress for? Themselves? Others? Getting dressed in the morning is a personal matter, and it is for you and only you. Your outfit is for you and only you. And most definitely not for what other people think (again not trying to get all deep here.) Anyone who says a comment like, “I cant pull that off” well let me set you straight. Anyone can pull off anything they want if they have frikin confidence. so put on the dumb outfit already. To end this off I will leave you with this wonderful life lesson: you should all eat cheese.

To go along with the camp theme I took some pictures of my fabulous friends Ella and Hanna in camp(obviously). These were taken on my phone so please don’t mind the quality. Thanks guys for being amazing.

IMG_8602On Ella from top to bottom: Lacoste hat, American apparel chocker, Jcrew shirt, Urban outfitters dress, J crew socks, Stan Smith Adidas

IMG_8574 (2)On Hanna from top to bottom: Herschel backpack, Jcrew flannel, Sub Urban T shirt, Free People jeans, Urban Outfitters socks, Zara loafers

IMG_8560 IMG_8458 (1) IMG_8411 IMG_8400 IMG_8340 IMG_8338 IMG_8314 IMG_8281 IMG_8245 IMG_8182


Grass & Tulle

Thanks to my marvelous model: Alyssa Cohen

I could not think of a name for this post- so I  decided to name it the two things the human eye will see first- grass & tulle. I thought it would be cool to make an “&” symbol instead of writing “and”… haters stop hating.

This photo shoot was right after Street Style and I was very used to taking random pieces of shlit and pairing them together. So I basically just took everything in my closet and forced Alyssa to wear it.

We haven’t posted in so so freakin long and I don’t want to make y’all wait anymore… so enjoy the pictures!!!!

On Alyssa from top to bottom: Urban Outfitters flannel, Moose and mousse shirt, Free people dress, French connection tulle skirt, Adidas sneakers

DSC_0173On Alyssa from top to bottom: Free people shirt, Urban outfitter shirt, Free people dress, Birkenstock sandals

DSC_0029 DSC_0054 DSC_0105 DSC_0119


So as most of you guys know, last Thursday night, June 4th was our fashion show; Streetsyle. You could imagine: this was a dream come true for us, and yes, it very much was. Lord and Taylor sponsored all the clothing and accessories which means we used whatever we wanted and however we wanted to use it. This all happened incredibly quickly, and we barely had any time to plan anything. Not to mention, on top of choosing the clothing, we had to get a fire permit–who the hell knows what a frickin fire permit is. We also had to figure out a way to make a runway without actually buying a runway. We had to decide what food was going to be served…and while we’re discussing that, I might as well mention that packaging three hundred muffins–part of the gift bags–is really fun. Now, back to the clothing. It probably sounds very easy, considering we had access to anything we wanted from Lord and Taylor, but that is where you guys are wrong. All the different clothing options literally kept me up for days. For the first few model fittings I  felt like I was trying a little too hard to stay on the normal side, dressing them in pants and a shirt, or a single dress. After about 5 models were fitted by the four of us (Lily, Timmy, Davida and Kelly), I started understanding what I had to do to make a “good” outfit. And by good I mean not looking like you woke up ready to go to my high school. I guess I should change my expectation of a good outfit because as of now it’s only not wearing a Wildfox sweatshirt and pencil skirt (considering thats what everyone wears at my high school). With Lord and Taylor clothing, or shall I say clothing from only the Free People section, we started layering dresses on top of dresses, skirts with dresses over them, and shirts on top of that. All in all I probably learned more about my personal style from dressing the models along with Lily, Davida and Kelly than in all my 18 years of getting dressed in the morning. Consciously choosing specific items from the endless possibilities got me thinking about how I could do that with my own clothing and closet, well not the endless possibility part, but the part about pairing everything together.

Anyway: here are the pics!!!!!

Thanks to all the amazing models!!! your guys are incredible!

Photography by: Lisa Appelbaum


socks and sandals. on frikin fleek

as long as Linda thought the shoes were lord and taylor... all is well.

as long as Linda thought the shoes were lord and taylor… all is well.











the bow tie. the backpack. the socks.

the bow tie. the backpack. the socks. mmeeeepp!






the pants.!




only because its Sara




The kids size 14 shirt was still too big on him. Thats why we settled with a size 12.


this is it. yep. and if this isnt it. the sandals sure are.


Do you guys like the berkenstock as our shoe choice? our model wasnt so pleased with our choice…what would you have chose?


In the midst of an intense moment involving himself and his white sperrys


the shoes.










three dresses, one girl.

the skirt.

the skirt.


YASSS. the bottom of these shoes number one. and number two, the shirt on top of the dress action going on right here.


If these Flat Slide Mule Loafers arent IT. I dont know what IT is anymore.



the sandals.!

the sandals.!




go Sara!!!


the textrue of the top with the bottom. yes.


this combo!@^&*@^!!!!!









And last but not least….OUR OUTFITS!!!

on Lily: Prada top,HandM pants, Prada heals

On Timmy: Sandro top, Maje skirt, Stan smith Adidas, Forever 21 cuff



I’ll keep this short, sweet and to the point because who likes reading long articles only to find out a bit of information.

here is all you need to know. (I’ll conduct it as if I am an interviewer interviewing myself)


LILY PAIGE SAUSEN: Where is this fashion show taking place?

LPS: The Garden State Plaza Mall, Paramus New Jersey, The bottom level left wing entrance of Lord and Taylor right outside of Aroma Coffee Shop.

LILY PAIGE SAUSEN: What is the date and time of this event?

LPS:  June 4th, at 7pm.

LILY PAIGE SAUSEN: Who’s clothing are you using?

LPS: Lord and Taylors. (They were so gracious)

That is all.


Want to buy tickets? click this link: street

(a website created by timmy and davida) (check it out then tell me how impressed you are)

xoxox lily paige


She’s a jean, mean, fighting machine

There are very few things in the world that are universal. Love, is universal. Everyone in the world, can/has loved or been loved by someone. An appreciation for pizza is universal, whether you do or don’t like it the appreciation for it is there. A loathing toward the song Gangham Style is universal, I don’t care if your Korean, Mexican, Chinese, or Goudemalion; the hatred for that song is everywhere. Going somewhere just for the Geotag on snapchat is universal. I know you all are reading this, faces turning red with embarrassment because you know its true.  You wanna know what else is Universal? JEAN IS UNIVERSAL. Not only do people wear jean, but they “pound” it, incorporating it into their every day looks. Jean can be found in many different forms, For example, the jean jacket…..

My friend swears by the jean jackets claiming it adds to every outfit.
















“A simple jean jacket is a key accessory and has the ability to transform an entire look from basic and boring to fierce and fabulous. ” – I couldn’t agree more.

Jean is most famously known for jean pants. I learnt that jean pants became wildly popular during the California Gold Rush, catering to men who were searching for gold and needed a thick material that could withstand all of the manual labor. The creator: a man named Levi Strauss, is the sole founder of the company Levi’s Jeans. (makes sense considering his first name is Levi). What started off as a fad has now become a phenomena among the entire world. Jean is something that everyone wears; rich or poor, smart or stupid, nice or mean, everyone wears jean. I think it’s pretty cool, the fact that all walks of life wear Jean.

jean blog

I gathered up any jeans I could find in my closet and put them on a white sheet trying to make it look artsy like @thepinkdiary (I know it just looks like I threw jeans on a sheet)…. feeling like such a wannabe…

I got a little too jean happy in this photoshoot and loaded Ariana up in an assortment of all things  jean.


Somewhere along the way to our photoshoot destination we ended up in back of this ice cream truck. Thats when we realized that we were both having intense ice cream cravings and had no choice but to follow the truck. We followed him for 7 miles.

ariana photoshoot pic 5

Yes, there was a man in the truck staring out the window at the 2 weird girls. I liked to think he was confused yet flattered that his truck was being featured in this photoshoot. If you look really closely you can see him bending his head through the window.

ariana photoshoot pic 7

Idk I just think this is a cool shot

ariana photoshoot pic 3

Ariana really knows how to entertain herself.

ariana photoshoot pic 2

Laughing at 2 squirrels chasing each other.

Ariana wears from top to bottom (or should I say from top layer to bottom layer):

Gap three quarter sleeve jean moto jacket, Forever 21 jean vest, Gap long sleeve white jean jacket, Hudson flare jeans, and Zara white platform sneakers.

enjoy the photos!


Lily Paige