Nude is the New’d black

I’d like to thank Yael, our incredible model for Crushing this shoot. Not only did she let us put layer upon layer on her, but she also allowed us to coat her eyes in glitter.

The very fine knit piece Yael is wearing, which I added to my cart on Asos but had no real intention of buying until I caved, is apparently called a Tabbard (what in Beyonce’s superbowl messup is a Tabbard??) Shoutout to Queen B for being epic.

Well, I later learned that a tabbard–defined as a tunic or cape-like garment worn by a knight over his armor–would be my next obsession. I mean who doesn’t want to be wearing a knight’s cape? The tabbard is the key to my whole shoot. This tabbard, or whatever you would like to call it – a cape, a bib, a square piece of cloth, whatever helps you sleep at night, will indeed change your life.

Yes, I repeat: it will change your life. It has the ability to take an ever-so-normal look, and to say the least, put the avacado on the toast. I mean – who likes the toast without the avacado? Could there ever be toast without the avocado? Is toast even real? If you didn’t instagram your avocado toast, did you really have avocado toast? It’s something to think about…

Now, back to the tabbard. While you may not understand the concept right away, once you’ve got your hands on one, there’s no going back.

The piece under the tabbard was purchased from Urban outfitters renewal section, in which they take vintage clothes/fabrics and use them to create more unique or as others might say “wow” type pieces. I’m a big fan of this section. The whole concept is pretty incredible because no piece is exactly the same. This shirt is called the “remade assymetrical oxford top” and its pretty striking. The way it falls changes the game.

Anyway… hope you enjoy the pics! I had a blast shooting them.


DSC_0517DSC_0551 DSC_0496.JPG DSC_0490DSC_0468DSC_0493DSC_0381DSC_0464DSC_0454DSC_0408DSC_0430DSC_0411DSC_0393DSC_0368DSC_0846 DSC_0795 DSC_0753 DSC_0696 DSC_0627 DSC_0590

In the first story Yael is wearing from top to bottom: River Island Tabbard, Urban Outfitters Asymmetrical Oxford Top, Zara skirt, Monki Sheer Socks, Prada platforms.
In the second story Yael is wearing from top to bottom: Topshop jacket, All Saints sweatshirt, Jcrew striped shirt, Rebecca Minkoff skirt, Monki Sheer Socks, Prada platforms

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