Simple Guide to Layering

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To start: Throw the Steve Madden booties out. Say goodbye! I know they’ve been in style for a good 3 years now, and that may have them for $30, but all good things must come to an end. It’s something about the way the toe is. Pointy, but not pointy enough to be a point, and not round enough to be considered round. They’re awkwardly in between. But not to worry! That’s why Clark’s has got it under control.

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Put on any shoes, such as Docs, oxfords, boots, booties (besides for the Steve Madden ones) …

Second: The mainstream black pencil skirt and striped shirt. A school girl classic. I don’t even think it’s a classic anymore, you either wear this or you might as well stop trying to fit in.

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Third: Add a turtleneck. It could be ribbed or cropped, whatever helps you sleep at night. The point is simply for layering. If you don’t have one, go buy one at H&M for $11.95. This black turtle neck will be your new Brandy Melville sweatshirt (for those of you who would wear that). You will wear it under everything. Trust me. While you’re already adding some layers, put on some chunky sox too. This will add warmth for your toes while simultaneously giving your legs some spunk.

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Fourth: Go to your closet and find any peplum from 2012 that you might have kept. If not, just find a flowy shirt. It could be anything. Cotton, more stripes, more black, whichever you prefer. Or you could try bold colors for this layer.

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Fifth: Stack on that arm jewelery. An “arm party”, as teens would say these days ( parden my non arm party in the photo above). Matching isn’t a thing anymore. You want to wear orange and red? GO AHEAD. You want to wear a striped bracelet along with your striped shirt? DO IT.

After that: Throw on a jacket. It could be a jean jacket, military jacket, or a puffer… If you want to look a little on the edgy side, put it over your shoulders, considering it won’t keep you warm anyway.

There you have it. The simple way to layer on one of everything in your closet. These methods can be used for jeans and a sweater, dresses, basically everything. Simply add different patterns, textures, and colors underneath or over and this look will go from basic, to spectacular.



Photos taken by Alyssa Cohen

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