Stop, Crop, and Roll

Stop Crop and Roll

Crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop EVERYBODDDDDYYYY!!! I’ve never been a fan of the crop tops. I hate the crop top so much that I avoid it at all costs. It all started when I walked into Urban Outfitters one day and stumbled on a gorgeous navy knit sweater. I grabbed it off the rack and took it into the dressing room to try on. When looking in the mirror of the dressing room and seeing my awkward reflection staring back at me I started to tear up. Was I still really going through puberty? I was 15 years old for crying out loud, (this was 2 years ago.) when would my body finally develop into Miranda Kerr’s? I took the what I now viewed as an ugly rag off and vowed to never put a crop top on again. From that moment on I forbade myself from trying on anything related to the crop family. Fast forward 2 years, (Still sporting what I thought was my childhood chub but began to realize was the fat cells that made there more of me to love.)You can only imagine my distress when all things crop resurfaced being dubbed the hottest trend of the season.
I wanted to crop shop but it was just too soon. The wounds were still to fresh and I feared being rejected by the crop yet again. My body just wasn’t ready for it (literally). What was a girl like me supposed to do in a situation like this?
The answer was simple: Lose weight. This was a foreign concept to me. Apparently I had to “Diet”. I don’t know the first or last thing about dieting. I did know that my friend from Long Island was on some intense one called “The Aliza Beer Diet”. She already dropped 6. I conveniently invited her over for the weekend. On friday night I casually tried to look across the table to see what she was eating so that I could eat it too. I felt like I was cheating on a test . The thrill was invigorating but the food was nasty. After 2 unsatisfying meals of food stalking I threw in the towel.
The following week I was taking a stroll on the Upper East Side. Crop couldn’t be farther from my mind. I had just walked out of Jonathan Adler, my thoughts consumed by all that color and design. Next destination: Intermix. For those of you who don’t know what Intermix is, go look it up right now. I give you permission to pause reading this blog post just so that you learn about the many wonders of intermix. I digress, now getting back on point, the window of Intermix should have been a warning sign for me not to enter, it was covered in crop everything. But just like a freshly baked chocolate chip scone from the local coffee shop I couldn’t resist, and walked in. The memories from 2 years ago at the dressing room of Urban Outfitters came rushing back to me. Crop was surrounding me. I was powerless. Vince, Joie, Lanvin, Alice and Olivia, and so many other brands engulfed me taking me into their whirlwind of all things cropped. I succumbed to the voices in my head telling me not to try on the gorgeous light wash theory jean jacket that happened to be cropped, and tried it on. After finally making a full 180 to the mirror, I took a good hard look at myself, and was pleasantly surprised. The way the cropped jacket cut me was flattering yet trendy. It added some body to my long baggy shirt and completed my outfit. I HAD to have it.
Of course I walked out of the store wearing my new purchase. I wanted to show the world (or at least the people walking on madison) that I, a long torsoed girl can rock a cropped item. I am now a spokes person for cropped, finding my nitch in the jacket area of this trendy wonder. I couldn’t be more on board with whoever decided to make cropped the be all end all of the season. Soooo…. crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop EVERYBODDDDDYYYY!!!

-Lily Paige

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