The New Era of Fashion

Yesterday I was walking up 5th ave heading to the Met. It was frigid outside, I don’t mean light weight Uniqlo coat that everyone seems to have these days cold, I mean parka with fur hood and a cashmere set of hat and gloves cold. I was looking at everyone walking on the street to distract myself from my frozen toes (not the best day to wear a pair of oxfords with no proper sock-wear), when I saw a group of well dressed what I assumed to be college girls walking the opposite direction of me each wearing an outfit that old people would look at and say “Oh I’m just cold looking at you!” I silently commended them on their bravery for dressing so summery yet looking so chic on such a freezing day. The next women I passed was wearing a fur hat, fur gloves, but NO coat! amazing! and I thought I was dedicated. It dawned on me that the people of New York refuse to accept the climate changes for that season, hell even I, a born and raised New Jersey girl refuse to accept the temperature rises and drops. Then I realized that it had nothing to do with the location you reside in but had all to do with if you read Vogue. If you knew anything about fashion you knew that season does not matter. Like always, fashion is evolving, theres no such thing as not being allowed to wear white bottoms after labor day. Were not in the 1950s anymore people! It is a new era! An era of freedom where you are allowed to wear whatever color bottom you fancy! No discrimination towards the whites anymore! If you wanna put on a pair of sandals in January, by all means. Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and Allure are not stopping you and neither is Joan Rivers.These days Its not about what you wear its about how you wear IT. So go, put on that pair of sandals, or throw on those white skinny jeans that finally fit you again after a juice cleanse, if the weathers not stopping the people of 5th ave it certainly should not stop you.

-Lily Paige

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