May the holy force be with you (this post was inspired by the new star wars movie or maybe it was star wars day…? we have no idea we just saw the facebook posts)

In honor of star wars day we decided to put our models hairs in princess lea buns. No, I do not know how to spell her name, or who she even is. I simply saw a post of her on facebook and was inspired. You guys are all probably thinking, THESE GIRLS LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!!! THEY MUST BE TWINS!!! well, I have news for you lady’s, and well lady’s because do any guys even read this blog? their not twins!  (wear trying to download a softwear (I know I spelled softwear wrong, just trying to be cute and make a play on words 😉 wear we can see the gender of who views our blog (another play on words ;)) (creepy winky smiley faces cause I damn feel like it (does damn even make sense in this sentence? We are highly positive it is 100% females… but thank you all so much for checking up on us even when we haven’t been posting!! You all are incredible, we are back and betta then eva so stay tuned. For now, enjoy these UH-MA-ZANG photos by Timmy. I feel like I’m in a different millenium not just a different country). These pictures were taken right outside of Timmys school. How amazing that this is the scenery she walks outside to every day. Its breathtaking to those who are seeing the old city in Jerusalem for the first time. Even those who travel there a couple of times a week like me cant help but stop and stare at its raw, cultural, genuine beauty. Our models are our dear friends Davida Goldstein, a recurring model on the blog and the brains behind last year’s fashion show, and Ayelet schorr a new comer who was an incredible model and oddly resembles my sister more then I do.

– LP

DSC_0610DSC_0667DSC_0641 DSC_0632 DSC_0706 DSC_0661 DSC_0780 DSC_0613 DSC_0790On Davida from bottom to top: Zara black loafers , Lord and Taylor menswear sock, Lily’s Once maxi dress now doodie length due to the amount of times washed dress from Gap,  Uniqlo gingham button down, Jcrew gray sweater, Banana Republic cream short sleeved sweater. On Ayelet from bottom to top: Sam Edelman lace up sandals, Splendid white flowy skirt, White dress from Urban Outfitters, H&M gray sweater, Uniqlo Gingham button down.

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