THE SEM LYFEEEE (life with a Y)

Seminary is everything I expected it to be yet somehow still a complete shock to my system. Its weird going to a different country, even if it is considered your homeland, when your just 18 years of age. On the flip side, I’ve been in a certain enviornment for 18 years and now, suddenly, after 18 years of being in the same place with the same people, I’m in a totally different place with totally different people. Its been one day of actual classes but I already feel like I’ve gained more knowledge in my one day of classes then I have in one year of high school. Cool or sad?

If your into becoming one with the environment by having little to no cell phone service, or, living in cramped quarters with absolutely zero personal space, or, eating grilled cheese and grilled cheese only for 1 month then look no further, I have the perfect camp for YOU. I do not enjoy any of these three things, yet, each summer, I come back for more. I like to think of Camp Mesorah as a bad ex boyfriend, no matter how much you hate him, he lures you back in. After the next break up (end of the summer) you promise yourself you won’t go back to him (The camp) but when he comes back begging you to reconsider (apply to work there (around November time.)) You wonder if this time it’s going to be different. I have had an on and off relationship with Camp Mesorah for 10 summers now. I promised myself this was my last summer of being part of the Camp Mesorah “family”. The day I arrived home from camp I began to “prep” for seminary; I put prep in quotations because does it really take you an entire month to prep? speaking from experience, it didn’t, but, it was a great excuse to not attend camp for a second month without sounding lazy. Prepping for seminary entails: Buying bedding and toiletries, printing out pictures for your wall, packing unpacking then re-packing into 2 bags, weighing your bags to make sure they do not exceed the weight limit (50 lbs), getting a haircut, and of course, shopping.

As I’m sure you all could have guessed I LOVE shopping. When my mom suggested we head out to the Oz of all Oz’s, Woodbury Commons, I was ecstatic. (I’m usually the one suggesting the shopping exhibitions.) I think this was the first time in my life that I actually wanted the shopping trip to end. Anything I found somehow did not fit Midreshet Moriah’s dress code, and anything my mom found was homely, plain, and/or ordinary. I left Woodbury Commons with one bag from Loft. Yes, LOFT. I never felt more basic in my life (2 weeks later I bought a Herschel backpack and not even that topped the basic feeling i felt after existing Loft.)

I sat in the car, slumped against the window, (If you can picture the scene please insert the saddest Kelly Clarkson song you can think of.) and started to wonder if dressing modestly while also looking stylish is practical, achievable but more importantly, attainable. (No, I’m not talking about a look from the Rodarte or Prada runway, I mean an every day (think: street style) look.) This became the real prep for my trip to Israel. I began to disect each style icon of mine, (Tavi Gevinson, Leandra Medine, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen, Elle Fanning, and Alexa Chung) searching for modest inspiration.


I find that button downs are the best for my needs. It is SUPER HOT in Israel right now and button downs can be light weight and you still look dressed for the day.
Jean maxi is a must.

patterned awkward length flowy-ish skirt with sweatshirt is so cool but also gives off that don’t care enough to care vibe. (you all know what I’m talking about.)

I feel like my grandma has this skirt.

Throw on a jean jacket with short sleeve or sleeveless and its suddenly wearable. also docs and high socks

I saw this pic and looked straight at her hair and was like hey!! I have bangs I desperately wanna get rid of this is a great way to hide them! also this outfit is super modest. I can’t decide if I actually like it or it just fits the bill.

elle fanning made three quarter sleeves actually look cool.

Utility jacket with flannel underneath with some sort of dress underneath that is great for the winter

when in doubt throw on something navy or black

after staring at this picture for a while i decided theres really nothing wrong with wearing jeans under an appropriate skirt and i will absolutely be hitting this look up.


so after finding inspiration I got super into the modest look and I am excited to show case it on thesomebodies.

stay tuned.


lily paige

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