Just wear the damn outfit.

WOW its freaking great to be back. In the past few weeks mine and Lily’s lives have dramatically changed. We both left to work in sleep away camp, Lily as a sports counselor in Mesorah (granted Lily has never played a sport in her life) where one may ask how lily got this job? But with Lily we all know anything can happen…

I began my first day in camp Moshava in a t-shirt and jeans, conforming to those camp societal norms (attempting to look normal and make friends- little did I know that would not end up working). As camp progressed I came to the realization that I was losing a piece of myself trying to fit into the camp normal (aka boring) attire. But honestly who gives a flying squirrel about being normal?(no this is not an inspirational speech)  A week into camp I decided to change things up. I strutted out in a dress, big flannel, chunky squirrel socks (yes actual squirrels on them)  a chocker on my neck, and loaded up on the rings on each hand.  I probably got 57 comments that day on my outfit, 56 of them being, “What are you wearing”, “We’re in camp…” all coupled with some warming side eye. I  just let them pass. As I watched the people commented and staring at my outfit I honestly felt bad for them. Their attire was completely made up of adidas track pants and a t-shirt. I’m not denying that I really thought adidas track pants were the shlit around 2 weeks ago (back in my homeland of Teaneck), but coming to camp made me realize that the new Uggs are Adidas track pants which made me cringe. I could go on and on about Adidas track pants, but I will refrain and hold off for another post.

Back to my outfit. One Monday morning I decided to put on that outfit because I got a bad feeling that my outfit was not an accurate expression of what was feeling. In simpler terms- when my outfit and mood don’t coincide I feel unsettled. My day continued and I kept getting the same questioning comments. One girl suggested I “keep in mind my audience” in choosing my outfits for the day. Little did she know the effect of her comment (well not actually because I don’t really care what she thinks) but her comment got me thinking. I have always dressed for myself not an audience but who do people really dress for? Themselves? Others? Getting dressed in the morning is a personal matter, and it is for you and only you. Your outfit is for you and only you. And most definitely not for what other people think (again not trying to get all deep here.) Anyone who says a comment like, “I cant pull that off” well let me set you straight. Anyone can pull off anything they want if they have frikin confidence. so put on the dumb outfit already. To end this off I will leave you with this wonderful life lesson: you should all eat cheese.

To go along with the camp theme I took some pictures of my fabulous friends Ella and Hanna in camp(obviously). These were taken on my phone so please don’t mind the quality. Thanks guys for being amazing.

IMG_8602On Ella from top to bottom: Lacoste hat, American apparel chocker, Jcrew shirt, Urban outfitters dress, J crew socks, Stan Smith Adidas

IMG_8574 (2)On Hanna from top to bottom: Herschel backpack, Jcrew flannel, Sub Urban T shirt, Free People jeans, Urban Outfitters socks, Zara loafers

IMG_8560 IMG_8458 (1) IMG_8411 IMG_8400 IMG_8340 IMG_8338 IMG_8314 IMG_8281 IMG_8245 IMG_8182


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