The “U” word


ugg editedj

We all have them, we all spent over 150 dollars for them, and whether or not we are ashamed of it, its been done. The awful yet amazing thing i’m talking about is, yep. Uggs. The classic, probably most ugly boot ever created for mankind.

In the store, while touching this amazing sensation of fresh sheep fur, you think to yourself, its obviously the most comfortable thing ever, they go with everything, everyone has them, I must have them right now. This is where you’re wrong. We must put an end to this huge fluffy UGGly (pun intended) shoe. now you’re gonna ask yourself, who the hell does this girl think she is? and ya, I would also.

There are the girls that will throw on a sweatshirt with leggings and uggs, and at least these girls are understanding how little uggs can contribute to your outfit , but who gives, I have a huge chunk of fresh fur on my legs kind of girls. Then there are girls who will wear them with a knit sweater and skinny jeans, and honestly, at this point it would have been better to put on Minnetonka lace up boots to the knee, which aren’t even being made anymore. The worst, and yes it does get worse than this, is the why don’t we just cut off Half of the leg, charge the same amount as the tall, and try to slowly adhere to the style these days; The Ugg bootie. Yep, Ugg went ahead and attempted to get a little spunky with this bootie! We’ve all fell into this Ugg trap, but you know its too much when Ugg is trying to copy desert boots mixed with fat sheep slippers. Even better, It’s apparently really cool these days to pair the Ugg booties with chunky sox. RAD!

You know what, its really okay, not gonna lie, it happened to me also, I was that girl on the line in nordstroms buying the chestnut tall uggs also. I almost got pulled into the crushed velvet navy booties too. It happens to everyone. Now is when you should realize you have so much more potential than just wearing these boots, because you’re rich friend’s mom buys her a new pair every year, and you want to be like her. Its time to switch over, and start a new trend. I heard docs might be replacing this sheep phenomenon! Jk. I dont think anything has the ability to replace this awful trend that never ends, but I do know one thing, The sheep will thank you! that wasnt funny.



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