So as most of you guys know, last Thursday night, June 4th was our fashion show; Streetsyle. You could imagine: this was a dream come true for us, and yes, it very much was. Lord and Taylor sponsored all the clothing and accessories which means we used whatever we wanted and however we wanted to use it. This all happened incredibly quickly, and we barely had any time to plan anything. Not to mention, on top of choosing the clothing, we had to get a fire permit–who the hell knows what a frickin fire permit is. We also had to figure out a way to make a runway without actually buying a runway. We had to decide what food was going to be served…and while we’re discussing that, I might as well mention that packaging three hundred muffins–part of the gift bags–is really fun. Now, back to the clothing. It probably sounds very easy, considering we had access to anything we wanted from Lord and Taylor, but that is where you guys are wrong. All the different clothing options literally kept me up for days. For the first few model fittings I  felt like I was trying a little too hard to stay on the normal side, dressing them in pants and a shirt, or a single dress. After about 5 models were fitted by the four of us (Lily, Timmy, Davida and Kelly), I started understanding what I had to do to make a “good” outfit. And by good I mean not looking like you woke up ready to go to my high school. I guess I should change my expectation of a good outfit because as of now it’s only not wearing a Wildfox sweatshirt and pencil skirt (considering thats what everyone wears at my high school). With Lord and Taylor clothing, or shall I say clothing from only the Free People section, we started layering dresses on top of dresses, skirts with dresses over them, and shirts on top of that. All in all I probably learned more about my personal style from dressing the models along with Lily, Davida and Kelly than in all my 18 years of getting dressed in the morning. Consciously choosing specific items from the endless possibilities got me thinking about how I could do that with my own clothing and closet, well not the endless possibility part, but the part about pairing everything together.

Anyway: here are the pics!!!!!

Thanks to all the amazing models!!! your guys are incredible!

Photography by: Lisa Appelbaum


socks and sandals. on frikin fleek

as long as Linda thought the shoes were lord and taylor... all is well.

as long as Linda thought the shoes were lord and taylor… all is well.











the bow tie. the backpack. the socks.

the bow tie. the backpack. the socks. mmeeeepp!






the pants.!




only because its Sara




The kids size 14 shirt was still too big on him. Thats why we settled with a size 12.


this is it. yep. and if this isnt it. the sandals sure are.


Do you guys like the berkenstock as our shoe choice? our model wasnt so pleased with our choice…what would you have chose?


In the midst of an intense moment involving himself and his white sperrys


the shoes.










three dresses, one girl.

the skirt.

the skirt.


YASSS. the bottom of these shoes number one. and number two, the shirt on top of the dress action going on right here.


If these Flat Slide Mule Loafers arent IT. I dont know what IT is anymore.



the sandals.!

the sandals.!




go Sara!!!


the textrue of the top with the bottom. yes.


this combo!@^&*@^!!!!!









And last but not least….OUR OUTFITS!!!

on Lily: Prada top,HandM pants, Prada heals

On Timmy: Sandro top, Maje skirt, Stan smith Adidas, Forever 21 cuff

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