She’s a jean, mean, fighting machine

There are very few things in the world that are universal. Love, is universal. Everyone in the world, can/has loved or been loved by someone. An appreciation for pizza is universal, whether you do or don’t like it the appreciation for it is there. A loathing toward the song Gangham Style is universal, I don’t care if your Korean, Mexican, Chinese, or Goudemalion; the hatred for that song is everywhere. Going somewhere just for the Geotag on snapchat is universal. I know you all are reading this, faces turning red with embarrassment because you know its true.  You wanna know what else is Universal? JEAN IS UNIVERSAL. Not only do people wear jean, but they “pound” it, incorporating it into their every day looks. Jean can be found in many different forms, For example, the jean jacket…..

My friend swears by the jean jackets claiming it adds to every outfit.
















“A simple jean jacket is a key accessory and has the ability to transform an entire look from basic and boring to fierce and fabulous. ” – I couldn’t agree more.

Jean is most famously known for jean pants. I learnt that jean pants became wildly popular during the California Gold Rush, catering to men who were searching for gold and needed a thick material that could withstand all of the manual labor. The creator: a man named Levi Strauss, is the sole founder of the company Levi’s Jeans. (makes sense considering his first name is Levi). What started off as a fad has now become a phenomena among the entire world. Jean is something that everyone wears; rich or poor, smart or stupid, nice or mean, everyone wears jean. I think it’s pretty cool, the fact that all walks of life wear Jean.

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I gathered up any jeans I could find in my closet and put them on a white sheet trying to make it look artsy like @thepinkdiary (I know it just looks like I threw jeans on a sheet)…. feeling like such a wannabe…

I got a little too jean happy in this photoshoot and loaded Ariana up in an assortment of all things  jean.


Somewhere along the way to our photoshoot destination we ended up in back of this ice cream truck. Thats when we realized that we were both having intense ice cream cravings and had no choice but to follow the truck. We followed him for 7 miles.

ariana photoshoot pic 5

Yes, there was a man in the truck staring out the window at the 2 weird girls. I liked to think he was confused yet flattered that his truck was being featured in this photoshoot. If you look really closely you can see him bending his head through the window.

ariana photoshoot pic 7

Idk I just think this is a cool shot

ariana photoshoot pic 3

Ariana really knows how to entertain herself.

ariana photoshoot pic 2

Laughing at 2 squirrels chasing each other.

Ariana wears from top to bottom (or should I say from top layer to bottom layer):

Gap three quarter sleeve jean moto jacket, Forever 21 jean vest, Gap long sleeve white jean jacket, Hudson flare jeans, and Zara white platform sneakers.

enjoy the photos!


Lily Paige

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