Wednesdays Wantings- Everything I need- but most likely will never have.

Both of these Stella McCartney platforms have been in my shopping cart for months. I mean imagine these on your feet . BAM legit you could be wearing a towel and these will take over and glow.  The sleek matt yet shining glow these shoes have is incredible. They are proper yet edgy and I need them. I wont even begin on the amazing knit pants. Wow, just wow. The art of yarn. Just makes me want to cry of contentness.

Stella Mccartney shoes fall 2014

This Maje kimono type cape jacket thing is so necessary in my life right now. Some things have it and some things don’t. Not sure what “it” is- But this forsure has it.SS15_lookbook_grandeimage_d03 Leandra Medine- Hand over the pants, I repeat: Hand over the frikin pants.0405908000_1_1_6_web

Honestly I dont love these Stans at all, and im really just waiting for them to come out with platform velcro ones(all hail)(yes I know that would be awesome). But the reason I am including these on my list of things I want is because this is a darn good picture. Especially the way the light is hitting them. 35773795_041_h

Yes, yes, I know you all are thinking this skirt is hideous and why would i want to be wearing it. Well people, welcome to the world , were hideous is the new glamorous. Just imagine this skirt with a fresh pair of Stans on.yep. Thats exactly how I felt as well. Thats what im talking about. H and M is really killing the game right now with this jean maxi. Keep doing what your doing. hmprod-1

So these are so not what I would usually like, but they stood out to me for some reason while scrolling through the web.I wouldn’t mind having them in my closet is what ill leave you children with.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 7.45.24 PM


I WANT IT. Yes it may be a month or two old off the sparkling racks of H and M, but this fine yarn sweater looks as if it smells like cinnamon- That probably doesn’t make sense to most of you, but imagine having a sweater that smelled like fresh cinnamon- YASS. hmprod Zara- you’re spot on with this dress. 1506009000_1_1_1_web

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