Current State (pun intended) (you’ll understand when you read the article) of mind

As some of you know it is common in the Jewish, Modern Orthodox world to take a gap year after high school and study in Israel. (think, junior year abroad). I will be following the heard, aka 90% of my graduating class next year  to Israel. We will all be attending different schools to fit our many different needs. Theres the “intellectual” schools, the “sketchy” schools, the “feminist” schools, the “strict” schools,  the list goes on and on. This is supposed to be the best year of our life where we grow in our love and passion for Judaism. How do we do that? By sitting and learning all things relating to Judaism for an average of 10 hours a day. You probably think I’m making this number up, I do have a tendency to make numbers up when I want to exaggerate a point but this time I’m really not. So yes, 10 hours a day. When I heard this number my jaw dropped, how do people do it? I can barely stay attentive through one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After much deliberation I decided on a school where you get to make your own personal schedule and pick the classes that interest you. After sending in my first deposit it occurred to me that aside from my 1 hour visit to the school I knew virtually nothing about it. I decided to google the school later that night and was shocked to find how strict the dress code was. Cover knees, cover elbows, cover collar bone.  I had two options: 1. To complain. (which, By the way, no one wants to listen to) or, 2. Challenge accepted.

I went with option number 2.

how would I accept this challenge exactly?

by making modest fashion statements.

I have been prepping for next year for about 4 months now; buying loads of midi skirts, button downs, and turtle necked sweaters. For anyone that read the Clique series by Lisi Harrison (It was my favorite series in 6th grade) I’m going to make a mini current state of the union like the main character Massie Block did at the end of every chapter she narrated.

I’m not technologically savvy so I can’t make the whole chart thing but…

IN: Midi Skirts

OUT: Skinny Jeans

I got some models (they all happen to be going to the same seminary as me) (Ok, so I did that on purpose…) to try on a few of the many looks I have been putting together for next year.

Check out the pics ∨∨∨

IMG_3383 (1)

K so obviously I won’t be wearing the heels but I felt for the shoot I had to embellish the look somehow


genuine laughter


I don’t know why but i really like this picture

(From top to bottom)

Rebecca is wearing  Joe Fresh gray sweater (Got it on this crazy sale for $6), Zara furry gray midi skirt, And Doc Martens. Tamar is wearing Jcrew cream 3 quarter sleeve Sweater, Jcrew (Factory) purple and white gingham shirt, Zara plaid midi skirt, Zara maroon cutout heels. Dena is wearing  forever 21 flower headband, Marc by Marc Jacobs Scifi shirt, Uniqlo gray and white striped button down, Love Culture tube top dress turned midi skirt, and Star Wars Vans. (side note: I w0re the Scifi shirt and vans on may 4th (May the forth (force) be with you) (thought that was cute of me). Leora is wearing forever 21 knot headband, Jcrew scarf, Gap blue half way button down (don’t know the exact name for that kinda shirt) Forever 21 floral midi skirt, and Clark booties.

I came to the conclusion that one is able to dress modestly/ appropriately/ Amishly (however you would describe this dress code) and still stand out by making a fashion statement.


Lily Paige

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