Today was my last day of high school. MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. I have been looking forward to this day since the first week of 9th grade.  Its such a weird feeling though, your last day of high school, because as happy as you are that its over you can’t possibly imagine not coming back. I’m not one of those kids that says “High school is my home” or “I love this place” because, well, that would be a lie. But, I do feel that some sense of comfort has been pulled out from right under me. My daily routine has been taken away and I am now being forced to begin a new chapter of my life. That being said, I am excited to move on from high school; There is so much to look forward to and all of those things finally feel in arms reach.

Like most schools, seniors are required to do an internship for the month of may. I don’t exactly know how we pulled this one off but me and Timmy (or is it Timmy and I?) are doing thesomebodies as our internship! We will be posting a ton and have great ideas and blog posts that we cannot wait to share. GET EXCITED.

I did not have a good sleep last night. I was tossing and turning and at somewhere around 3 am I woke up in a cold sweat. Why? because I didn’t have my outfit planned for today. Laugh it up but I actually got anxiety from not knowing what to wear. This morning I woke up at 7 am to plan out my outfit for school (which starts at 8). After emptying out the entire contents of my closet on the floor and trying on countless different tops with the same skirt, I still had no idea what to wear.

For some reason I was stuck on wearing this extremely awkward but not awkward in a cool way awkward in an awkward way jean skirt that hard buttons going down like a military jacket. (you know what I mean) the buttons were a plastic navy blue. Remember that store limited 2? well it was from there ,so I dubbed it as vintage. I don’t know why I wanted to wear it so badly but I’m just gonna blame it on my lack of sleep. Anyways, After finally calling it quits with the jean skirt I threw on this comic strip skirt that I got at some cheap boutique downtown. (it was 4$). Then I went to the basement (where I keep my summer things) and for some reason decided to rummage through what used to be mine but has been passed down to both my sister who both have outgrown dress up but for some reason we still have this box of dress up clothing sitting there. I found a sheer pleated tutu skirt that I never knew we owned but was thrilled we did and put it on top of my comic strip skirt. Then I put the tank top with a tutu at the bottom of it that I got in paris on. Last but not least was a shirt. My sister’s friend left a black chiffon shirt from Zara at our house that I was convinced she forgot about, so I put that on. (she didn’t forget about it, after watching my snap chat story she texted me asking for it back). LOL. Then I put on white tights and my black boots which I wore the first day of senior year (I wanted to add some sentimental value to my outfit), and vwala. (how do you spell vwala?) I was pretty happy with my outfit. It conquered the goal of making a statement. I did get a bunch of stares in the hallways, at first I thought it was because it looked like I put on about 10 pounds (all the poof) but then I realized it was because I just looked crazy. My outfit was memorable,  and thats all I really cared about.




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These pictures were taken in the Maayanot parking lot by our editor, Davida Goldstein. It was right after school ended. You know the term jumping for joy? I was actually jumping for joy.

xxx Lily Paige


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