HI EVERYONE!!!! Today was my 2nd to last day of high school!!!!!!!!! If you can’t tell from my many exclamation points this is super super super exciting. Really I’m just overjoyed. High school has never been “my thing” I find it only appeals to a certain kind of kid, one thats incredibly studious, this includes: studying long late hours for tests, being quiet AND taking notes during class, pretending to enjoy the material you are learning, and kissing up to your teachers. When people say they love a subject,do they really?  I don’t think anyone actually believes that math is fun, but whatever makes the kid get through the class, so be it. Sorry if any math geeks out there are “offended” (yeah right, I know you hate math too.). Funny side story that I just feel is so applicable I can’t help but share it… When I was in 4th grade my friend was creating an aim for me (I know gmails the new cool thing but back in the day aim was the shit). When deciding what my username should be she asked me what I liked to do for fun… She told me she loved to read, I felt like I had to one up her in some way so I told her I loved to do math problems in my spare time. HA! She made my aim account (you can shoot me an email… I still use it.)

Back to the school topic…I have been seriously contemplating what to wear on my last official day at Maayanot Yeshiva High School but am completely stumped. I want my outfit to be the last thing people remember about me and when they think of me they think back to my last day of school outfit and sigh, “ahhh lily” in this longing kind of way like damn I wish I dressed like her. Obviously no ones gonna think that but in my head thats the kind of bam outfit I want. Kind of like a last hurrah. I am the most last second person around. The word plan is in neither mine nor Timmy’s vocabulary. We simply do. There is one thing that I plan year after year months in advance, my first day of school outfit. Why I am having such a difficult time; I don’t know, but in an attempt to gather some inspiration I have been going online and looking at different modest cool,funky, out of the box, outfits and have found some pictures I absolutely love.

here they areeeeeeeeeee


Love the Brooch, Peter Pan collar, and worn out New Balance sneakers



Inspired me to pull on a pair of tights and sandals.


stripes on stripes


jean on jean

that is all… GOOD NIGHT <3

xxx Lily Paige Sausen

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