…..and This little Pinky ran all the way to Williams Island


These Photos were taken on Williams Island, in Miami, Florida.

You know how Teen Vogue has that page in each issue that says: “People watching”, Well ladies and gentleman, you should all be watching Loni Donner. Look at these Photos and you’ll know why.

Loni’s outfit from top to bottom: Sunglasses that my friend Kyra gave me, I think they are from Urban Outfitters but I could be wrong. A gingham button down from J-crew. A “belt” (I say belt because I’m not exactly sure what it is) from Anthropologie. Corduroy shorts from Forever 21. Pink Sneakers from random store in paris, Brand: Bensimon.

Yes, it is purposefully blurry.

The back of yo head is ridiculoussss


“If your a bird, I’m a bird.” (name that movie)


Bae lying next to Bay


Fun was over when she fell over the edge.

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