For the record: (pun intended) these record albums went platinum

My obsession with dressing as if at any particular moment I would be photographed for the cover of record album began the second day of fashion week when I accidentally dressed like a country singer gone hippy.

Country Strong

Ill admit, this outfit was not well thought out. Short on time, I threw on everything but the kitchen sink (yes, I really wanted to say everything but the kitchen sink) (I learned this phrase my first year at sleep away camp when they took us to the local ice cream shoppe, Hoppies, and one of the sundays was called everything but the kitchen sink). (It was rumored that they served this 24 scoop sunday in their kitchen sink). Anyway… after a picture of me in my everything but the kitchen sink outfit was taken, I uploaded it to instagram. I normally don’t put an effect on my pictures, (Timmy always yells at me), but for some reason my finger was hovering over the nashville effect and without thinking I clicked on it. BAM! COUNTRY ALBUM STAR LILY PAIGE SAUSEN RELEASES HER 5TH ALBUM, THIS IS THE COVER OF IT. I captioned the picture with a threat to T-swift, and went on with my day.

For that following week, I pounded the country look in the hopes that someone, anyone, would stop me on the street and ask me to be the next cover of the county album that they were producing.

Repping Thesomebodies T-shirt (created by yours truly) while looking like the next disney channel star gone “wild”.

^When I thought I would be the next big thing^

After realizing that this little pipe dream of mine was beyond absurd, I decided to take control of the situation by photographing things I deemed worthy of being the cover of an album.

Of course there has been inspiration along the way, my incredibly artsy friends created an album cover of their own this past summer.

If you didn’t know any better you would think they were the next Mumford and Sons. (How cool are they??)


Here are some of album covers I ripped off then made better …





Soooo I would upload more of my mock cover albums because hey, thats pretty much how I spend my time, but laying it all out is taking me forever. I would also continue to write another paragraph to properly end off this blog but because I am still on this cover album journey I don’t know where to end off. I would say let’s leave it at struggling artist but that really contradicts the title of the blog. Also, I really wanna point out the obvious yet subtle changes I made to each album aside from the picture itself but I don’t wanna kill the joke by having to explain it. So look closely and hopefully you’ll get it on your own and laugh. Good night!

xxx Lily Paige Sausen

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