I’m creating a new word: Fibster

I felt pretty damn rad walking down Houston Street with a Herschel on my back, a matcha kale smoothie in one hand, and a bag from a used record store in the other. I thought to myself, “Would society categorize me as a hipster or as that girl who goes out of her way just to have a good instagram feed?” Well I could just spill the beans now; I do in fact go to parks just to get artsy pictures and look “cool” in the standards of teens these days. It has probably crossed your mind once or twice whether or not it would be socially acceptable for you to post that ‘white blanket with like five artsy objects on it with some leg showing’ picture captioned, “Mondays”(featured below). But have you ever really thought about what a true hipster is? Hipster can be defined as members of the subculture who do not self-identify as hipsters. So basically in simple terms, if you’re reading this blog and understand/can relate to anything I mentioned in the beginning, you are not, and will never be a hipster. Considering a true hipster is one who does not know he/she is a hipster. For example: Those who wear glasses because they cannot see without them, or those who wear flannel shirts for warmth. There is a fine line between people who know the health benefits of chia seeds and those who buy acai chia bowls from Juice Generation. There’s no real reason for this post, but I kind of just wanted to have an excuse to take one of these marvelous sunny pictures. Keep doing what you all are doing. And while you’re at it, why dont ya’ll think of a new word to categorize yourself. How bout …like, fibster.






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