How to look cool without looking like you tried but secretly you did.

I’m a big believer in the button downs under sweaters over pleated skirts and straightened hair look but I can’t deny that I don’t try the “I just woke up in the morning I’m wearing a big coat/cardigan, plaid pajama pants, and messy hair look.” Of course there’s a time and place where that look is appropriate and the infrequency of it makes it desirable to me. I’ve been trying to master it since I got my license last year but my hair hadn’t quite poofed in the way I’d like it to and my refusing to spend more than $10 on pajama pants made my selection a little weak. It was only 2 short weeks ago that I finally got the “I just woke up in the morning I’m gonna run to Starbucks and pick up coffee for my family in pajamas cause I can” look down. It was a Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I was sitting downstairs in my pajamas, which consisted of a ripped concert tee and old navy sweatpants (Not the brand old navy, literally old and navy.) (Not that it matters just thought I’d clarify.) Anyway, my hair was the messiness that I strived for and I was taking advantage of my good fortune, making kissy faces at my phone for Snapchat. As I was about to strike my 5th million pose I hear my mom say, “I could really go for some coffee.” I shot out of my seat at the kitchen counter and practically hollered “I’LL GET YOU” and that’s when my bed head, boho chic look was perfected. I started from the top borrowing my sisters red RayBan reading glasses. (I did have a difficult time seeing but it was worth it.) I kept on the bright colored concert tee and added a thick, fluffy cardigan, flannel plaid pajama pants that I got from attending a school function bagged over my legs (they just looked plaid because my cardigan covered where it said the name of my school), and to top it off I put on what Timmy thinks should be banned from all teenage girls closets and insists is a curse word… UGGS. I hate to say it but it completed the look. Walking into Starbucks I felt like the man. I got stop and stares and I didn’t mind graciously posing for them. Ok, so that didn’t happen but the point is that it could have. The walk from the cashier to the drink pick up was my runway. So I guess you can laugh at the fact that I changed out of my pajamas to get into new pajamas to look cool when I went to Starbucks, but it was absolutely fundamental for me to accomplish this virtue I had and I am so happy that I did.

-Lily Paige

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