Just smices (smiles and ices for all the ignorant ones out there)

I decided to whip out my giant tulle skirt for this photo shoot just to add some texture to my outfit. This skirt basically took up half of my suitcase when traveling to Israel this year. Not sure it was worth it considering I have only worn it two times. So I thought I definitely owed it to the skirt to wear it at least one more time for a photo shoot. Well here it is, with a bunch of other layers of course.

This shoot was taken in Tel Aviv by my two favorite stands. One is my favorite coffee stand (or shall I say chai latte stand, being I hate coffee). The creative genius who designed the stand clearly has killer taste, as you can see in the photos. The stand is covered with leaves and rocks all connected with perfectly stained wood. Job done right, lemme tell you. The other stand is where I purchased the ice pop featured in the photos. The stand is called Tamara (I like to think it was named after me). And yes- I spent 4 bucks just to have an ice pop in these pics for y’all.

These photos were taken by the incredibly talented Eliana Rohrig.



From top to bottom: Topshop jacket, Asos shirt, Urban Outfitters dress, Anthropologie skirt, Adidas sneakers

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