She’s a jean, mean, fighting machine

There are very few things in the world that are universal. Love, is universal. Everyone in the world, can/has loved or been loved by someone. An appreciation for pizza is universal, whether you do or don’t like it… Read More

Wednesdays Wantings- Everything I need- but most likely will never have.

Both of these Stella McCartney platforms have been in my shopping cart for months. I mean imagine these on your feet . BAM legit you could be wearing a towel and these will take over and glow.  The… Read More

Current State (pun intended) (you’ll understand when you read the article) of mind

As some of you know it is common in the Jewish, Modern Orthodox world to take a gap year after high school and study in Israel. (think, junior year abroad). I will be following the heard, aka 90%… Read More

Met Gala 2015- thoughts on dresses and Rihannas cape, or shall I say fluffy blanket.

Side note:I feel like I owe it to Solange to make her the cover picture of this post, considering she couldn’t put her arms down for the whole night. PROPS SOLANGE! These are the dresses that caught my… Read More


Today was my last day of high school. MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. I have been looking forward to this day since the first week of 9th grade.  Its such a weird feeling though, your last day… Read More