Just two best friends vintage shopping downtown


DSC_0839DSC_0783DSC_0771 From bottom to top: striped Supergas, Jcrew socks, Paige denim, vintage Prada clutch, vitage Burberry button down, Jcrew sweater, Gap blazer.DSC_0807DSC_0806

From top to bottom: Urban outfitters beanie, Jcrew striped turtleneck, Kenzo Paris oversized knit (cross between a shirt and a dress… I wear it as a dress and must constantly pull on it), vintage Prada clutch, Hue white tights, Stan Smith Adidas


-Lily and Timmy

How to look cool without looking like you tried but secretly you did.

I’m a big believer in the button downs under sweaters over pleated skirts and straightened hair look but I can’t deny that I don’t try the “I just woke up in the morning I’m wearing a big coat/cardigan, plaid pajama pants, and messy hair look.” Of course there’s a time and place where that look is appropriate and the infrequency of it makes it desirable to me. I’ve been trying to master it since I got my license last year but my hair hadn’t quite poofed in the way I’d like it to and my refusing to spend more than $10 on pajama pants made my selection a little weak. It was only 2 short weeks ago that I finally got the “I just woke up in the morning I’m gonna run to Starbucks and pick up coffee for my family in pajamas cause I can” look down. It was a Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I was sitting downstairs in my pajamas, which consisted of a ripped concert tee and old navy sweatpants (Not the brand old navy, literally old and navy.) (Not that it matters just thought I’d clarify.) Anyway, my hair was the messiness that I strived for and I was taking advantage of my good fortune, making kissy faces at my phone for Snapchat. As I was about to strike my 5th million pose I hear my mom say, “I could really go for some coffee.” I shot out of my seat at the kitchen counter and practically hollered “I’LL GET YOU” and that’s when my bed head, boho chic look was perfected. I started from the top borrowing my sisters red RayBan reading glasses. (I did have a difficult time seeing but it was worth it.) I kept on the bright colored concert tee and added a thick, fluffy cardigan, flannel plaid pajama pants that I got from attending a school function bagged over my legs (they just looked plaid because my cardigan covered where it said the name of my school), and to top it off I put on what Timmy thinks should be banned from all teenage girls closets and insists is a curse word… UGGS. I hate to say it but it completed the look. Walking into Starbucks I felt like the man. I got stop and stares and I didn’t mind graciously posing for them. Ok, so that didn’t happen but the point is that it could have. The walk from the cashier to the drink pick up was my runway. So I guess you can laugh at the fact that I changed out of my pajamas to get into new pajamas to look cool when I went to Starbucks, but it was absolutely fundamental for me to accomplish this virtue I had and I am so happy that I did.

-Lily Paige

Partnering With Patterns


photo 4photo 2

I LOVE pattern. From the iconic houndstooth to the trendy Ikat patterns are my thing. It took me a while to master the whole pattern thing, I experimented with printed skirts and solid tops or solid skirts and printed tops. I then ventured into the clashing of colors; for example, a red sweater with a pink patterned skirt or a yellow cowl neck and green jeans (yes I actually wore it and looked like a giant booger). I finally found the key to success of print mixing when I bought an incredibly tight (I waddle when I wear it) black and white checkered midi skirt from forever 21. When I first bought it my initial thought was to pair it with a black turtle neck. When trying that on I felt way to simple. Yes the skirt was much but the top of me was so bland. I experimented and came up with the idea that if it doesn’t go, it goes. I now refer to the midi as a staple of my closet. From school to work to the met to any given event you can spot me proudly wearing this skirt. There is one issue: it’s not black, so when you wear it for a week in a row it becomes very apparent to those around you, suggesting that you don’t wash your clothes. I feel like it would be fine for people to think I don’t wash my clothes if I was a hippy and wanted to save the environment but I am unfortunately or fortunately a meat loving paper goods using gal so the I don’t shower/ wash my clothes thing Definitely doesn’t work. Back to me mixing patterns, I started to experiment with every patterned bottom I owned with every patterned top I owned until I officially created every possible combination in my closet. I loved the way it looked, checkered pants with concert t’s, floral skirts with striped shirts, it was all so fascinating to me, so much color, so much madness, all coming together to create what I thought was a piece of art. I asked two of my best friends to model some of my favorite patterns so I can capture the living artwork. In the first story Sara (sue) Schochet, wears tie died pants (curtesy of my sister Maddie) from forever 21, a striped shirt from The Gap, a striped sweater from Asos, Doc Martens, and Socks from J-Crew. Jessie Levart wears a button down from J-Crew, a dress from Asos, a Necklace from a random store out in Long Island (I don’t know he designer or the name), socks from J-crew and wedges from target. In the second story Sue is wearing a Romeo and Juliet skirt (curtesy of my sister Simmi) a button down from H&M, a short sleeved sweater from Madewell, socks from J-crew, and wedges from target. Jessie wears a dress from Asos, a striped shirt from Madewell, a sweater by Halogen, a cardigan by BCBG, tights by DKNY, and Doc Martens.


photo 1photo 3

Simple Guide to Layering

Processed with Rookie

To start: Throw the Steve Madden booties out. Say goodbye! I know they’ve been in style for a good 3 years now, and that 6pm.com may have them for $30, but all good things must come to an end. It’s something about the way the toe is. Pointy, but not pointy enough to be a point, and not round enough to be considered round. They’re awkwardly in between. But not to worry! That’s why Clark’s has got it under control.

photo 4

Put on any shoes, such as Docs, oxfords, boots, booties (besides for the Steve Madden ones) …

Second: The mainstream black pencil skirt and striped shirt. A school girl classic. I don’t even think it’s a classic anymore, you either wear this or you might as well stop trying to fit in.

Processed with Rookie

Third: Add a turtleneck. It could be ribbed or cropped, whatever helps you sleep at night. The point is simply for layering. If you don’t have one, go buy one at H&M for $11.95. This black turtle neck will be your new Brandy Melville sweatshirt (for those of you who would wear that). You will wear it under everything. Trust me. While you’re already adding some layers, put on some chunky sox too. This will add warmth for your toes while simultaneously giving your legs some spunk.

Processed with Rookie

Fourth: Go to your closet and find any peplum from 2012 that you might have kept. If not, just find a flowy shirt. It could be anything. Cotton, more stripes, more black, whichever you prefer. Or you could try bold colors for this layer.

Processed with Rookie

Fifth: Stack on that arm jewelery. An “arm party”, as teens would say these days ( parden my non arm party in the photo above). Matching isn’t a thing anymore. You want to wear orange and red? GO AHEAD. You want to wear a striped bracelet along with your striped shirt? DO IT.

After that: Throw on a jacket. It could be a jean jacket, military jacket, or a puffer… If you want to look a little on the edgy side, put it over your shoulders, considering it won’t keep you warm anyway.

There you have it. The simple way to layer on one of everything in your closet. These methods can be used for jeans and a sweater, dresses, basically everything. Simply add different patterns, textures, and colors underneath or over and this look will go from basic, to spectacular.



Photos taken by Alyssa Cohen

Stop, Crop, and Roll

Stop Crop and Roll

Crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop EVERYBODDDDDYYYY!!! I’ve never been a fan of the crop tops. I hate the crop top so much that I avoid it at all costs. It all started when I walked into Urban Outfitters one day and stumbled on a gorgeous navy knit sweater. I grabbed it off the rack and took it into the dressing room to try on. When looking in the mirror of the dressing room and seeing my awkward reflection staring back at me I started to tear up. Was I still really going through puberty? I was 15 years old for crying out loud, (this was 2 years ago.) when would my body finally develop into Miranda Kerr’s? I took the what I now viewed as an ugly rag off and vowed to never put a crop top on again. From that moment on I forbade myself from trying on anything related to the crop family. Fast forward 2 years, (Still sporting what I thought was my childhood chub but began to realize was the fat cells that made there more of me to love.)You can only imagine my distress when all things crop resurfaced being dubbed the hottest trend of the season.
I wanted to crop shop but it was just too soon. The wounds were still to fresh and I feared being rejected by the crop yet again. My body just wasn’t ready for it (literally). What was a girl like me supposed to do in a situation like this?
The answer was simple: Lose weight. This was a foreign concept to me. Apparently I had to “Diet”. I don’t know the first or last thing about dieting. I did know that my friend from Long Island was on some intense one called “The Aliza Beer Diet”. She already dropped 6. I conveniently invited her over for the weekend. On friday night I casually tried to look across the table to see what she was eating so that I could eat it too. I felt like I was cheating on a test . The thrill was invigorating but the food was nasty. After 2 unsatisfying meals of food stalking I threw in the towel.
The following week I was taking a stroll on the Upper East Side. Crop couldn’t be farther from my mind. I had just walked out of Jonathan Adler, my thoughts consumed by all that color and design. Next destination: Intermix. For those of you who don’t know what Intermix is, go look it up right now. I give you permission to pause reading this blog post just so that you learn about the many wonders of intermix. I digress, now getting back on point, the window of Intermix should have been a warning sign for me not to enter, it was covered in crop everything. But just like a freshly baked chocolate chip scone from the local coffee shop I couldn’t resist, and walked in. The memories from 2 years ago at the dressing room of Urban Outfitters came rushing back to me. Crop was surrounding me. I was powerless. Vince, Joie, Lanvin, Alice and Olivia, and so many other brands engulfed me taking me into their whirlwind of all things cropped. I succumbed to the voices in my head telling me not to try on the gorgeous light wash theory jean jacket that happened to be cropped, and tried it on. After finally making a full 180 to the mirror, I took a good hard look at myself, and was pleasantly surprised. The way the cropped jacket cut me was flattering yet trendy. It added some body to my long baggy shirt and completed my outfit. I HAD to have it.
Of course I walked out of the store wearing my new purchase. I wanted to show the world (or at least the people walking on madison) that I, a long torsoed girl can rock a cropped item. I am now a spokes person for cropped, finding my nitch in the jacket area of this trendy wonder. I couldn’t be more on board with whoever decided to make cropped the be all end all of the season. Soooo…. crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop crop EVERYBODDDDDYYYY!!!

-Lily Paige

The New Era of Fashion

Yesterday I was walking up 5th ave heading to the Met. It was frigid outside, I don’t mean light weight Uniqlo coat that everyone seems to have these days cold, I mean parka with fur hood and a cashmere set of hat and gloves cold. I was looking at everyone walking on the street to distract myself from my frozen toes (not the best day to wear a pair of oxfords with no proper sock-wear), when I saw a group of well dressed what I assumed to be college girls walking the opposite direction of me each wearing an outfit that old people would look at and say “Oh I’m just cold looking at you!” I silently commended them on their bravery for dressing so summery yet looking so chic on such a freezing day. The next women I passed was wearing a fur hat, fur gloves, but NO coat! amazing! and I thought I was dedicated. It dawned on me that the people of New York refuse to accept the climate changes for that season, hell even I, a born and raised New Jersey girl refuse to accept the temperature rises and drops. Then I realized that it had nothing to do with the location you reside in but had all to do with if you read Vogue. If you knew anything about fashion you knew that season does not matter. Like always, fashion is evolving, theres no such thing as not being allowed to wear white bottoms after labor day. Were not in the 1950s anymore people! It is a new era! An era of freedom where you are allowed to wear whatever color bottom you fancy! No discrimination towards the whites anymore! If you wanna put on a pair of sandals in January, by all means. Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and Allure are not stopping you and neither is Joan Rivers.These days Its not about what you wear its about how you wear IT. So go, put on that pair of sandals, or throw on those white skinny jeans that finally fit you again after a juice cleanse, if the weathers not stopping the people of 5th ave it certainly should not stop you.

-Lily Paige

The “U” word


ugg editedj

We all have them, we all spent over 150 dollars for them, and whether or not we are ashamed of it, its been done. The awful yet amazing thing i’m talking about is, yep. Uggs. The classic, probably most ugly boot ever created for mankind.

In the store, while touching this amazing sensation of fresh sheep fur, you think to yourself, its obviously the most comfortable thing ever, they go with everything, everyone has them, I must have them right now. This is where you’re wrong. We must put an end to this huge fluffy UGGly (pun intended) shoe. now you’re gonna ask yourself, who the hell does this girl think she is? and ya, I would also.

There are the girls that will throw on a sweatshirt with leggings and uggs, and at least these girls are understanding how little uggs can contribute to your outfit , but who gives, I have a huge chunk of fresh fur on my legs kind of girls. Then there are girls who will wear them with a knit sweater and skinny jeans, and honestly, at this point it would have been better to put on Minnetonka lace up boots to the knee, which aren’t even being made anymore. The worst, and yes it does get worse than this, is the why don’t we just cut off Half of the leg, charge the same amount as the tall, and try to slowly adhere to the style these days; The Ugg bootie. Yep, Ugg went ahead and attempted to get a little spunky with this bootie! We’ve all fell into this Ugg trap, but you know its too much when Ugg is trying to copy desert boots mixed with fat sheep slippers. Even better, It’s apparently really cool these days to pair the Ugg booties with chunky sox. RAD!

You know what, its really okay, not gonna lie, it happened to me also, I was that girl on the line in nordstroms buying the chestnut tall uggs also. I almost got pulled into the crushed velvet navy booties too. It happens to everyone. Now is when you should realize you have so much more potential than just wearing these boots, because you’re rich friend’s mom buys her a new pair every year, and you want to be like her. Its time to switch over, and start a new trend. I heard docs might be replacing this sheep phenomenon! Jk. I dont think anything has the ability to replace this awful trend that never ends, but I do know one thing, The sheep will thank you! that wasnt funny.